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Bees News · Cleveland Clinic Jump Right Sports Performance Improvement Program

On June 14th the Cleveland Clinic is running a FREE Jump Right seminar for student athletes featuring tips from jump right experts and jumping assessments. Cost is FREE for this seminar but pre-registrations is required.
Jump Right is geared toward the reduction of deceleration injuries to the ACL and the knee, and is primarily designed to improve jumping and landing mechanics in all athletes. This program is run by Cleveland Clinic physical therapists and athletic trainers and typically runs 8-10 weeks. Fees for the program depends on need but a team/group rate is available at a discount.
Some info to support the importance of programs such as Jump right:
The rate of noncontact ACL injuries is 2–9 times greater in females than males, with an average increased incidence of 3.5–4.
The most common type of ACL injury seen in female athletes is via a non-contact mechanism. On average 70%–78% of ACL injuries occur via a non-contact mechanism.
Non-contact ACL injuries are more commonly seen in high risk sports such as soccer, basketball, football, and volleyball. Most non-contact ACL injuries occur while the individual is landing from a jump, rapidly stopping, cutting, or suddenly decelerating with change in direction.
Please see the attached for more information about the Cleveland Clinic Jump Right sports performance improvement program.