Boys Varsity Basketball, Girls Varsity Sideline Cheer · Updated Regional Boys Basketball Ticket Information

Please see the information below for those “Immediate Family/Approved Spectators” that are permitted into tonight’s game:

  1. When guests arrive, they will see electronic signs at the South Garage.
  • 2 Screens – each screen will remain on for 3 seconds
  • Cleveland State will also have 6-10 A-Frames set around the plaza on all sides of the building that say “-Immediate Family/Approved Spectators Only”
  • CSU will have multiple Tenable Security guards and a Police Officer at the MM and Gate D Plazas turning non-approved people away, and directing approved people to either the Northeast or Northwest Box Offices.
  1. Approved guests will be directed as follows (all four will be set up and ready to go at 4PM)
  • Canton McKinley – Northeast Box Office – 6:15PM game
  • Shaker Heights – Northwest Box Office  – 6:15PM game
  • Mentor – Northeast Box Office – 8PM game
  • Medina – Northwest Box Office – 8PM game
  1. There will be a table set up for each school inside the Box Office lobbies.
  2. These tables will be manned by the AD from each school and school personnel.
  3. They will check people off on the list and then send them to the Box Office windows to buy their tickets.
  4. They will buy their tickets and also be given a wristband to put on (all schools will have a different color)
  5. They will enter into the arena at the inside Box Office doors.  CSU will scan, bag check and wand at each door.
  6. The tickets will be General Admission and the ushers will direct people which section to sit in based on the color of their wristband.
  1. CSU will open one concession stand as they do for a Women’s Game.
  2. All games will be LIVE streamed on the Medina TV Facebook page as well as Wolstein Center YouTube page and embedded into the Wolstein Center website for both games through Medina’s broadcast team. (Stay tuned for those links in another article)
  3. Refunds are happening today at the Annex Box Office for people who purchased at CSU.  All others can get refunds at their point of purchase (their schools).
  4. CSU is working on messaging to the public on the CSU website and Wolstein website.

See the link below for a map of the Cleveland State Facility

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