Multiple Teams · 2020-2021 Medina High School Cheerleading Tryout Information

Hello!  Welcome to the 2020-2021 Medina High School cheerleading tryouts! 


Due to the current pandemic, all tryout clinics will be held virtually.  The links below will provide you with all necessary forms/information/tryout material.  The actual tryouts will be held in person on Friday, July 24th.  Once I get information on who is trying out, everyone will receive a tryout time.  You will need to arrive at the MHS track 10 min before your tryout appointment. Girls will need to wear masks to and from the tryout, maintain social distancing requirements and complete a symptom/temperature check upon arrival.  Once tryouts are completed for your group, you are asked to leave immediately.  Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions. This is all so new to us that I’m sure we’ll have kinks to work out.  Please be patient. 


Cheer/Parent Information 


Application This form needs to be completed and returned to Coach Clardy’s email address ( by Tuesday, July 21st.  You may take a picture of it to send to me, share it through Google Docs or scan it to me.  I will use this form to create tryout groups, give tryout appointment times and to send tryout results so it is very important you return it to me by the deadline.  


Cheer Policies and Guidelines Be sure to read these guidelines before you sign the application. 


Tryout Dance 


Tryout Dance – Teaching Video 


Dance Music


Tryout Chant 


Be sure to say “Bees” instead of “Bears” and do it 3X facing the judges. 


Tryout Cheer 


Tryout Cheer – Teaching Video 


During the cheer, replace “Bees” for “Tigers”, green and gold for our colors and “Medina” for “Central”.  Choose whatever ripple when learning the cheer and once you find out your tryout group, you can all decide who will take each ripple.  
Scoresheet Look this over to see how you will be scored for each tryout item.