Coed Varsity Swimming · Coed Varsity Swimming beats Walsh Jesuit 190 – 173

190 Medina High School
173 Walsh Jesuit High School
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Medina High School vs Walsh Jesuit High School
190 173

Here is the swim & dive results from the dual meet with Walsh. This meet was held at the Akron pool Friday January 26th, 2018. For complete results see the attached file.

Medina Girls: Were led by Olivia Muchewicz with 3 wins. Grace Kosco won diving. Kate Stump won the 500 freestyle.

Medina 105 Walsh 78

Medina Girls: This was a non-conference meet. Medina is now 9-2 overall 5-1 in the GCC conference. Below are Medina’s top 3 finishers overall.

200 Medley Relay: 2nd P. Horton, M. Vogel, E. Walburn, O. Ramey 2:05.75. 3rd E. Standen, S. Dravenstott, S. McCarthy, E. Junge.

200 free: 2nd R. Junge 2:04.43, 3rd K. Stump 2:10.73
200 IM: 3rd E. Walburn 2:26.40
50 Freestyle: 2nd O. Muchewicz 25.33, 3rd P. Easton 26.64
1 Meter Diving: 1st Grace Kosco 207.30, 2nd A. McKee 152.02, 3rd S. Wenger 131.85
100 Butterfly: 2nd E. Walburn 1:05.48, 3rd S. McCarthy 1:13.54
100 Freestyle: 2nd R. Junge 57.24, 3rd P. Easton 57.58
500 Freestyle: 1st K. Stump 5:39.10, 3rd C. Lisser 5:44.32
200 Free Relay: 1st P. Easton, O. Ramey, R. Junge, O. Muchewicz 1:45.49

100 Backstroke: 1st O. Muchewicz 1:01.70, 2nd E. Standen 1:11.52
100 Breaststroke: 2nd O. Ramey 1:15.92, M. Vogel 1:17.90
400 Free Relay: 2nd R. Junge, P. Easton, C. Lisser, & O. Muchewicz 3:54.13, 3rd E. Junge, L. Cifranic, K. Stump, P. Horton 4:14.94

Medina Boys: Shane Pipoly won diving. Colin McClowry, Austin Olsavsky and Anthony Petruzzi had wins.

Medina 85 Walsh 95

Medina Boys: This was a non-Conference meet. Medina boys are 7-4 overall 4-2 in the GCC conference. Medina’s top finishers are below.

200 Medley Relay: 3rd B. Cuppett, N. Stump, D. Kolasinski, R. Olszewski 1:55.06
200 free: 2nd A. Olsavsky 1:47.96, 3rd A. Wright 1:55.61
200 IM: 2nd A. Petruzzi 2:03.77
50 Free: 2nd C. McClowry 22.88
1 Meter Diving: 1st S. Pipoly 181.88, 2nd E. Pattison 1:58.93
100 Butterfly: 2nd B. Cuppett 57.98
100 Freestyle: 1st A. Olsavsky, 49.90, 2nd O. Chaye 50.31
500 Freestyle: 2nd D. Kolasinski 5:07.93, 3rd A. Wright 5:18.71
200 Free Relay: 2nd Medina O. Chaye, C. McClowry, A. Olsavsky, A. Petruzzi 1:33.17, 3rd, 3rd N. Stump, R. Olszewski, T. Bohmer, N. Stump 1:41.10
100 Backstroke: 1st C. McClowry 57.06, 3rd B. Cuppett 59.48
100 Breaststroke: 1st A. Petruzzi 1:02.26
400 Free relay: 2nd O. Chaye, C. McClowry, A. Olsavsky, A. Petruzzi 3:24.40, 3rd D. Kolasinski, T. Bohmer, B. Cuppett, A. Wright 3:33.53