Coed Varsity Swimming · Coed Varsity Swimming finishes 1st place at Brunswick w/ Strongsville

  Place Points
Medina High School 1st 147
Strongsville High School 2nd 140
Brunswick High School 3rd 105

The scores posted are the boys results. Below are the complete results this meet was scored Medina vs Strongsville, Medina vs Brunswick and Strongsville vs Brunswick boys and girls a total of 6 meets.

Medina girls are now 1-2 overall and 1-1 the GCC conference. This meet was held at the Medina (MCRC) pool Tuesday December 5th, 2017. For complete results see the attached file.

Medina Girls: Results
Medina 179 Brunswick 120
Strongsville 189 Medina 125
Strongsville 211 Brunswick 97

Below are the top 3 finishers. Medina’s Olivia Muchewicz posted 2 wins.

200 Medley Relay: 1st Strongsville J.Spencer, J. Homoki, J. Newbould & H. Ogrean 1:54.15. 2nd Brunswick F. Pasadyn, E. Eyssen, L. Wallace & L. Kijek 1:57.65. 3rd Medina P. Easton, E. Walburn, O. Muchewich, O. Ramey 1:58.79.

200 free: 1st Strongsville E. Kahn 2:02.57 2nd R. Junge Medina 2:05.93, 3rd C. Merimee Strongsville 2:11.92
200 IM: 1st F. Pasadyn Brunswick (Pool Record)2:07.24, 2nd H. Ogrean Strongsville 2:19.96, 3rd Brunswick Lexi Wallace 2:24.47
50 Freestyle: 1st J. Newbould Strongsville 25.16, 2nd J. Homoki Strongsville 25.28, 3rd O. Muchewicz Medina 25.47
1 Meter Diving: 1st Libby Lambert Strongsville 222.30 2nd Grace Kosco Medina 203.03, 3rd R. Phillips Strongsville 182.54
100 Butterfly: 1st J. Newbould Strongsville 59.83, 2nd E. Kahn Strongsville 1:03.45, 3rd E. Walburn Medina 1:06.16
100 Freestyle: 1st J. Spencer Strongsville 57.11, 2nd R. Junge Medina 57.87, 3rd S. Gadd Strongsville 58.34
500 Freestyle: 1st F. Pasadyn Brunswick 5:06.93 (Pool Record), 2nd C.Lisser Medina 5:48.52, 3rd L. Cifranic Medina 5:51.84
200 Free Relay: 1st Medina O. Muchewicz, O. Ramey, R. Junge & P. Easton 1:45.33, 2nd Strongsville R. Potter, P. Rohrback, L. Vargo & E. Kahn 1:46.81, 3rd Brunswick L. Wallace, K. Skocic, A. Lotarski, & E. Eyssen 1:51.51

100 Backstroke: 1st O. Muchewicz Medina 1:01.95, 2nd L. Wallace Brunswick 1:04.99, 3rd R. Mayberry Strongsville 1:06.55
100 Breaststroke: 1st E. Eyssen Brunswick 1:11.34, 2nd R. Potter Strongsville 1;16.35, 3rd C. Funk Strongsville 1:16.35
400 Free Relay: 1st Strongsville-C. Merimee, S. Gadd, R. Mayberry & E. Kahn 3:54.92, 2nd F. Pasadyn, L. Kato, J. Le, & L. Kijek 4:03.66, 3rd R. Junge, C.Lisser,D. Sejka, E. Walburn & E. Junge 4:07.51

Medina Boys: Results
Medina 147 Strongsville 140
Medina 179 Brunswick 120
Strongsville 211 Brunswick 97

Medina Boys: This was Conference meet. Medina boys are 2-1 overall 2-0 in the GCC conference. Medina’s top finishers are below. Anthony Petruzzi had 4 wins, Austin Oslavsky had 3 wins. Other wins was E. Patterson in diving. The Medina boys made a very strong come back the second half of the meet.

200 Medley Relay: 1st Strongsville G. Green, S. Hargis, J. Zaleski & I. Cox 1:41.52, 2nd Brunswick K. Wallace, L. Rimac, T. Reiff & K. Ruffner 1:54.00
200 free: 1st A. Petruzzi Medina 1:48.92, 2nd C. Pichette Strongsville 1:54.77 3rd D. Kolasinski Medina 1:55.78
200 IM: 1st A. Oslavsky 2:08.72, J. Zaleski Strongsville 2:09.06, 3rd S. Hargis 2:09.06
50 Free: 1st G. Green Strongsville 23.00, 2nd C. McClowry Medina 23.06, 3rd O. Chaye Medina 23.40
1 Meter Diving: 1st E. Pattison 129.83
100 Butterfly: 1st C. Pichette Strongsville 56.05, 2nd O. Olsavsky 58.12, 3rd J. Zaleski Strongsville 58.30
100 Freestyle: 1st I. Cox Strongsville 51.09, 2nd O. Chaye Medina 51.51, 3rd A. Arslanian Strongsville 52.71
500 Freestyle: 1st D. Kolasinski Medina 5:18.58, 2nd T. Bohmer Medina 5:28.32, 3rd G. kinney Strongsville 5:34.49
200 Free Relay: 1st Medina O. Chaye,C. McClowry, A. Olsavsky & A. Petruzzi 1:32.14, 2nd Strongsville A. Arslanian, I. Cox, J. Zaleski & C. Pichette 1:34.04, 3rd Brunswic A. batman, K. Ruffner, Nelson Le, K. Brandes 1:36.57
100 Backstroke: 1st G. Green Strongsville 55.05, 2nd C. McClowry Medina 56.84, 3rd B. Cuppett Medina 1:00.03
100 Breaststroke: 1st A. Petruzzi Medina 1:03.27, 2nd S. Hargis Strongsville,3rd Strongsville B. Cahill 1:15.00
400 Free relay: 1st Medina C. McClowry, O. Chaye, A. Olsavsky & A. Petruzzi 3:21.61, 2nd Strongsville G. Green, C. Pichette, S. Hargis & A. Arslanian. 3:24.83, 3rd Medina D. Kolasinski, N.Stump, A. Wright & B. Cuppett 3:33.10